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  1. g, see the book Program
  2. g language designed to support general procedural program
  3. g, see the book Program
  4. Lua Documents Index. Globals. Lua Globals; Roblox Globals; Libraries. bit32; coroutine; debug; math; os; string; table; utf8; How this site use cookies. This Platform uses cookies to offer you a better experience, to personalize content, to provide social media features and to analyse the traffic on our site. For further information, including information on how to prevent or manage the use of.
  5. There are two types of for loop in Lua: a numeric for loop and a generic for loop. A numeric for loop has the following form: for a=1, 10, 2 do -- for a starting at 1, ending at 10, in steps of 2 print (a) --> 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 end. The third expression in a numeric for loop is the step by which the loop will increment
  6. DecoratorsAndDocstrings - associate documentation with objects at runtime [Lua-Scriptum] - Lua documentation generator that outputs to markdown format. Comments: Integration Module Documentation for Distributions. On providing providing integrated documentation for many modules, for inclusion in LuaDistributions, here's my overview of the situation... README's hidden in tarballs (example [10]) are not especially effective. The Kepler effort resulted in the prevalence of what might be called.
  7. LuaDoc is a documentation generation tool for lua source files. It does not impose a documentation format, but suggests one (XHTML) and implements it. The produced documentation can be of any type. LuaDoc can be used out-of-the-box, provided that the source code is documented inthe proposed format. Installation

FiveM documentation. Welcome to the new home for documentation for the FiveM multiplayer modification. If you just want to play FiveM, download the client from the website. For any questions or problems related to your server or scripting, feel free to get in touch with us on our forums or on Discord Lua API Documentation for The Binding of Isaac - Afterbirth+. This Documentation is a community curated project that provides additional informations and code examples for the functions provided by the Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ LUA modding API. If you want to contribute to this project, consider visiting the Github Project or the Official BoI. LuaDoc is a documentation generator tool for Lua source code. It parses the declarations and documentation comments in a set of Lua source files and produces a set of XHTML pages describing the commented declarations and functions. The output is not limited to XHTML Die Anzeige nur einer Dokumentation oberhalb der Quelltext-Wiedergabe auf der Darstellung von Modul:Mustermodul (wie es durch MediaWiki vorgezeichnet war) wäre lediglich bei sehr kurzen Modulen sinnvoll gewesen. Für die Vorlagenprogrammierer ist jedoch der Lua-Quelltext uninteressant, und bei langem Lua-Quelltext und längerer Dokumentation ist die Kombination auf einer Seite mit ständigem Scrollen nicht sinnvoll. Hinzu kommt, dass Mehrsprachigkeit und Unterseiten nicht unterstützt werden

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Lua ist eine imperative und erweiterbare Skriptsprache zum Einbinden in Programme, um diese leichter weiterentwickeln und warten zu können. Eine der besonderen Eigenschaften von Lua ist die geringe Größe des kompilierten Skript-Interpreters. Lua-Programme sind meist plattformunabhängig und werden vor der Ausführung in Bytecode übersetzt. Obwohl man mit Lua auch eigenständige Programme schreiben kann, ist sie vorrangig als eingebettete Skriptsprache für andere Programme. NodeMCU Documentation¶ NodeMCU is an open source Lua based firmware for the ESP8266 WiFi SOC from Espressif and uses an on-module flash-based SPIFFS file system. NodeMCU is implemented in C and is layered on the Espressif NON-OS SDK

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Lua configuration reference documentation¶. Note that Cartographer's ROS integration uses tf2, thus all frame IDs are expected to contain only a frame name (lower-case with underscores) and no prefix or slashes.See REP 105 for commonly used coordinate frames.. Note that topic names are given as base names (see ROS Names) in Cartographer's ROS integration Documentation. Download Features Documentation Community Blog. Getting started. A short and simple overview for those who are new to this development environment; Tutorials and demos that cover debugging and live coding for different environments; A list of frequently asked questions about the IDE; Lua quick start guide; Installation instructions; Tips and tricks, Screenshots, and Testimonials. API Documentation. Here are the articles in this section: bit. LuaJIT library for bitwise operations. client. General game- and cheat-related functions. config. Configuration related lua functions. cvar. A table letting you get and set the value of cvars and invoke their callbacks. Uses Object-oriented format. database. Persistent storage engine that lets you store values between reloads. Adds the inline Lua script or a Lua function, script, as an event listener to the context. element_context is an optional Element; if it is not nil, then the script will be executed as if it was bound to that element. CreateDocument(string tag) → Document Creates a new document with the tag name of tag. LoadDocument(string document_path.

Legacy Lua API documentation¶. Welcome to the Legacy Lua API's documentation! The Legacy mod is the default mod shipped with ET: Legacy.It supports server-side modifications via the Lua scripting language, with the Legacy Lua API being the interface for communication between them.. The embedded Lua 5.4 interpreter will load user-defined scripts if present in the legacy directory Search the Documentation. Contents :: tutorial: quick 'n' dirty » sol 3.2¶ a fast, simple C++ and Lua Binding. When you need to hit the ground running with Lua and C++, sol is the go-to framework for high-performance binding with an easy to use API. get going:¶ tutorial: quick 'n' dirty. Lua 5.3 Docs Table of contents Example project For Linux Example main.lua Local function example Inline definition of functions example.

Lua 5.3 Docs Table of contents General Coding Tools Afterbirth + Afterbirth Rebirth Misc Modding Tools. The Lua Crew is a group of developers who create minigames for the community to enjoy playing, by using the Module API. Members of the team have access to a few additional functions to create modules, some of which are more resource intensive on the server than other functions so are limited - these functions are marked in the documentation in this thread Lua publishes a Lua Reference Manual(LRM) for the Language specification, core libraries and C APIs for each Lua version. The Lua53 implementation includes a supplemental NodeMCU Reference Manual(NRM) to document the NodeMCU extensions to the core libraries and C APIs. As this API is unified across Lua51 and Lua53, this also provides a common. Lua 5.4.1 API documentation with instant search, offline support, keyboard shortcuts, mobile version, and more

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Zapped.cc Lua Documentation#. Offical Zapped Lua Docs. What are Lua Scripts#. Lua Scripts Provide a way for Users to Customize and Add to the Cheat Lua is one of the Easiest Programming (Scripting) Languages to Learn, and they Offer a Quick Tutorial to Get Started Our API Makes it Possible to Interact with the Zapped, and the Game in Genera Lua besitzt die acht verschiedene Datentypen nil, boolean, number, table, string, function, thread und userdata. Dabei ist Lua eine dynamisch getypte Sprache, das bedeutet, dass nicht die Variablen Typen haben, sondern nur die Werte. Der Typ nil besitz nur den Wert nilund ist vergleichbar mit dem Nullpointer in C, er zeigt an, dass keine Daten vorliegen. Als booleangibt es trueund false, wobei. Make sure Lua is enabled in the global configuration as described below in How Lua Fits Into Wireshark. Create a simple Lua script such as: -- hello.lua -- Lua's implementation of D. Ritchie's hello world program. print(hello world!) Name this script hello.lua and place it in the current directory Provides a reuseable and convenient framework for creating classes in Lua. pl.compat: Lua 5.1/5.2/5.3 compatibility. pl.comprehension: List comprehensions implemented in Lua. pl.config: Reads configuration files into a Lua table. pl.data: Reading and querying simple tabular data. pl.dir: Listing files in directories and creating/removing directory paths. pl.fil

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Note: LUA supported Japanese, Korean, Chinese Simplified and Traditional in the past. Out of which Broadcom only supports Japanese and English as of 2.3.8 Out of which Broadcom only supports Japanese and English as of 2.3. Lua is the scripting engine used by FEMM. All scripting functionality that is not FEMM-specific is described in detail in the Lua 4.0 manual. All scripting functionality that is not FEMM-specific is described in detail in the Lua 4.0 manual This library works as a binding for all OpenGL commands, so you can have full access to the graphics hardware from Lua. To have access the GL functions in Lua call requireluagl, or from a C host program you could call the 'luaopen_luagl' function. This will create a name space called 'gl', and all the functions and constants will be inside of it

Configuration related lua functions. cvar. A table letting you get and set the value of cvars and invoke their callbacks. Uses Object-oriented format. database. Persistent storage engine that lets you store values between reloads / reinjects. entity. Functions for getting and setting entities and entity data. globals In Windows, the loaded modules and libraries must follow the LuaBinaries for Windows Compatibility documentation. Also there are two Lua executables, one that is console based ( lua5x.exe ) and one that is a Windows application with no console output ( wlua5x.exe ) Redis Lua scripting: Redis Lua scripting feature documentation. Debugging Lua scripts: Redis 3.2 introduces a native Lua debugger for Redis scripts. Memory optimization: Understand how Redis uses RAM and learn some tricks to use less of it

DCS World Scritping Engine Lua documentation. For Lua Development Tools. This repository holds lua documentation of the definitions in the DCS World Scirpting Engine. The documentation is originally provided by FlightControl-Master, documentation files are copied from his repository. Regarding available script functions, the documentation is not fully complete Lua Grundlagen Einführung in die Lua Programmiersprache 05.05.2014 Ingo Berg berg@atvoigt.de Automatisierungstechnik Voigt GmbH ©2012 AutomatisierungsTechnik Voigt GmbH www.atvoigt.de Die Lua Programmiersprache leichte Weiter-entwicklung und Wartung imperative, funktionale Skript-sprache kostenfreie Software großer Funktions-umfang Objekt-orientierte Program-mierung hohe Geschwindig-keit. 这份参考手册是对 Lua 语言的官方定义。. 关于 Lua 编程的全部细节,则放在Programming in Lua这本书中。. 开始·目录·索引·中英术语对照表. Lua.org, PUC-Rio 版权所有 © 2015 ,在遵循Lua license条款下,可自由使用。. 目录. 1 - 简介. 2 - 基本概念. 2.1 - 值与类型. 2.2 - 环境与全局环境 Lua is a dynamically-typed language, which means that variables and function arguments have no type, only the values assigned to them. All values carry a type. Lua has eight basic data types, however only six are relevant to the Scribunto extension. The type () function will return the type of a value

Lua. This section provides the details about Lua language. Some relative information is available in Scripting. For more information about Lua language, see official Lua documentation. run() and cleanup() Methods. The method run() is called for each input tuple (SCALAR) or each group (SET). Its parameter is a kind of execution context and provides access to the data and the iterator in case of. Docs » Lua 5.3 Bytecode Reference; Edit on GitHub; Lua 5.3 Bytecode Reference¶ This is my attempt to bring up to date the Lua bytecode reference. Note that this is work in progress. Following copyrights are acknowledged: A No-Frills Introduction to Lua 5.1 VM Instructions by Kein-Hong Man, esq. < khman AT users. sf. net > Version 0.1, 2006-03-13. A No-Frills Introduction to Lua 5.1 VM. Apache SkyWalking documentation. Ecosystem. All following repositories are a part of SkyWalking ecosystem, as agent implementations, extensions, or tools

The various *_by_lua, *_by_lua_block and *_by_lua_file configuration directives serve as gateways to the Lua API within the nginx.conf file. The Nginx Lua API described below can only be called within the user Lua code run in the context of these configuration directives. The API is exposed to Lua in the form of two standard packages ngx and ndk. These packages are in the default global scope within ngx_lua and are always available within ngx_lua directives If you have any difficulty in understanding this, please read Programming in Lua. Startup¶ Mods are loaded during server startup from the mod load paths by running the init.lua scripts in a shared environment. Paths¶ RUN_IN_PLACE=1 (Windows release, local build) $path_user: <build directory> $path_share: <build directory> RUN_IN_PLACE=0: (Linux release The Lua module embeds Lua into NGINX and by leveraging NGINX's subrequests, allows the integration of Lua threads into the NGINX event model. < Your Cookie Settings. Analytics cookies are off for visitors from the UK or EEA unless they click Accept or submit a form on nginx.com. They're on by default for everybody else. Follow the instructions here to deactivate analytics cookies. This. Lua is a programming language that is available via the Scribunto MediaWiki extension on the English Wikipedia. Lua code can now be embedded into wiki templates by employing the {{#invoke:}} functionality of Scribunto. This extension supports Lua 5.1 as of July 2015. The Lua source code is stored in pages called modules (e.g., Module:Example) The documentation repository of the MOOSE framework. Note that the contents of this repo get generated from the MOOSE lua code, which is contained within the MOOSE main repository

Roact is a declarative Lua UI library similar to Facebook's React. It exposes a very similar API and implements nearly identical semantics. This documentation is based on the structure of React's documentation, but is a work in progress. Many things from React also apply to Roact, but if you find anything missing or incorrect, open an issue on. Lua est un langage d'extension de programme, conçu pour épauler une programmation procédurale générale, à l'aide d'équipements de description de données. Lua est destiné à être utilisé comme un puissant et léger langage de script par n'importe quel programme qui en aurait besoin

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You may also want to have a look at the Lua documentation and/or start asking questions at the GameGuardian forums. How to make the simplest script, you can read on a special page: How to write a simple script. List all API methods. You can list all methods of a gg table using this code: print. They are all described on the corresponding page: gg. Additional Resources of Information. For an. Search the Documentation. Contents :: tutorial: quick 'n' dirty » sol 3.2¶ a fast, simple C++ and Lua Binding. When you need to hit the ground running with Lua and C++, sol is the go-to framework for high-performance binding with an easy to use API. get going:¶ tutorial: quick 'n' dirty.

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This documentation does not attempt to describe how SQLite3 itself works, it just describes the Lua binding and the available functions. For more information about the SQL features supported by SQLite3 and details about the syntax of SQL statements and queries, please see the. Seitenorganisation und Dokumentation. Details. Jedes produktive Modul ist mit einer Dokumentationsseite zu versehen. Im Namensraum Modul: werden alle Seiten mit Ausnahme des Standard-Namensschemas /Doku für die Dokumentationsseite als Lua-Quellcode aufgefasst. Die Dokumentation erfolgt deshalb im Wikipedia-Namensraum Git¶. If you decide to build with either the Docker image or the native environment then use Git to clone the firmware sources instead of downloading the ZIP file from GitHub DC/DS Lua API V1.5 (12/2019) - Lua API documentation Lua Application Examples (3/2018) - Documentation and application examples Lua - Repository file structure - Repository file structure for use with JETI Studi

Lua Sprachkonstrukte • Ein Block enthält eine oder mehrere Lua Anweisung. • Das Lua Skript selbst kann auch als Block gesehen werden • Schlüsselworte wie end, else, elseif weisen auf ein Blockende hin • Blöcke können verschachtelt sein. Beispiel 1: Eine Funktion function test() end Beispiel 2: Eine Schleife for i=1,5 do en Core uses the Lua programming language, While this tutorial does not really require any prior knowledge of the language feel free to check out our Lua Primer to get familiar with the basics of the language. For debugging, we have our own script debugger, you can enable it via the Window menu in the top bar of the Core editor. You can toggle breakpoints by clicking on a line number in the internal editor

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Welcome to the Lua API docs The power of system:inmation lies in its customizability, and the basis of this is the Lua API engine. In this section you can find information regarding the Lua API and examples demonstrating how to use the scripting engine to customize your environment by creating objects, fetching data and setting properties Workers documentation. Normal worker (scanner) Proxy worker; Controller worker; Fuzzy hashes storage; Developers documentation. Writing Rspamd rules; Coroutines and async calls; Architecture information; Protocol documentation; Writing Rspamd tests; Useful Lua rules examples; Lua API reference. Rspamd Lua C API. Task module; Message parts module; Configuration module; Html modul The Lua Dist is a distribution that includes its own set of binaries, with very different file names. Application Developer - Embedding Lua in your Application. Usually you will follow the same parameters we use to build the standalone interpreter. See the Configuration documentation The | lua-stdlib | modules, user modules, and anything else on | lua-package-path | are available. The Lua print () function redirects its output to the Nvim message area, with arguments separated by (space) instead of \t (tab). * :lua * : [range]lua {chunk} Executes Lua chunk {chunk}

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Docs » Lua Ngx API; Introduction. The various *_by_lua, *_by_lua_block and *_by_lua_file configuration directives serve as gateways to the Lua API within the nginx.conf file. The Nginx Lua API described below can only be called within the user Lua code run in the context of these configuration directives. The API is exposed to Lua in the form of two standard packages ngx and ndk. These. GIANTS Developer Network. Home; Documentation; Forum; Video Tutorials; Search; LUADOC - Farming Simulator 1 Documentation; Get Involved; Help; Getting Started Introduction A simple tutorial Language Reference Basic syntax Types Variables Constants Expressions Operators Control Structures Functions Classes and Objects Namespaces Errors Exceptions Generators Attributes References Explained Predefined Variables Predefined Exceptions Predefined Interfaces and Classes Context options and parameters. The LUA record consists of an initial query type, which is the selector on which the snippet will trigger. Optionally this query type itself can be LUA again for configuration scripts. The query type is then followed by the actual Lua snippet. LUA records can have TTL settings, and these will be honoured. In addition, LUA records output can be DNSSEC signed like any other record, but see below for further details

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Roblox API Reference Documentation. This project contains the source files for unofficial documentation of the Roblox Lua API. These documents may be referred to manually, or as a source for machine-generated documentation. The principal document format is Markdown. Documents are located within the src directory However, specifically in Lua, there is a generic Get() method which takes advantage of Lua being type less, so the method can unbox a Variant object and return the stored object as a type less Lua object. It takes one optional string parameter representing a Lua user type that the method would use to cast the return object into. The parameter is used for cases where a type casting is required when returning object from Variant object storing a void pointer or a refcounted pointer. The type. Concepts: Lua table formats that some of the API functions expect or return. For example, positions or crafting ingredients. Classes You can browse the overview of Factorio classes or view the documentation for a particular class in the list below: LuaAISettings: Collection of settings for overriding default ai behavior. LuaAccumulatorControlBehavior : Control behavior for accumulators. In this documentation, you will find details on all events/classes/functions specific to Scrap Mechanic's Lua scripting. For more general information on how the scripting language of Lua works and what it does on its own, you can review the Official Lua Documentation LUA Dateien öffnen Sie mit jedem beliebigen Textbearbeitungs-Programm und editieren damit den Quelltext. Text Editor: Der kostenlose Editor Notepad++ erlaubt es Ihnen, Text-basierte Dateien zu.

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Compatible with Lua 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4 and LuaJIT; Documentation. Can be found at https://daurnimator.github.io/lua-http/ Status. Installation. It's recommended to install lua-http by using luarocks. This will automatically install run-time lua dependencies for you. $ luarocks install http Dependencie The examples below show small Lua one-liners. Their expected output is shown after -->. This is interpreted as a comment marker by Lua so you can cut & paste the whole line to a Lua prompt and experiment with it. Note that all bit operations return signed 32 bit numbers . And these print as signed decimal numbers by default Installing Lua¶ In this document, it is assumed that all optional software is going to be installed in /opt/apps. The installation of Lmod requires installing lua as well. On some system, it is possible to install Lmod directly with your package manager. It is available with recent fedora, debian and ubuntu distributions

Für die Vorlagenprogrammierer ist jedoch der Lua-Quelltext uninteressant, und bei langem Lua-Quelltext und längerer Dokumentation ist die Kombination auf einer Seite mit ständigem Scrollen nicht sinnvoll. Hinzu kommt, dass Mehrsprachigkeit und Unterseiten nicht unterstützt werden Minetest Lua Modding API Reference If you see a deficiency in the API, feel free to attempt to add the functionality in the engine and API, and to document it here. Programming in Lua ¶ If you have any difficulty in understanding this, please read Programming in Lua. Startup¶ Mods are loaded during server startup from the mod load paths by running the init.lua scripts in a shared. See remote debugging section of the documentation for details on how to configure and initiate debugging from your application. Turning debugging off and on. You may notice that in some cases the application you are debugging runs much slower than without debugging; when you run it without the debugger the speed is likely to be three to ten times faster. This may be okay for many situations. Developers documentation Lua API reference; Lua rules examples; Writing Rspamd rules; Creating your fuzzy storage; Architecture information ; Protocol documentation; External resources Own mail server based on Dovecot, Postfix, MySQL, Rspamd and Debian Stretch; Mail self-hosting on FreeBSD using Postfix, Dovecot, Rspamd, and LDAP; An alternative introduction to rspamd configuration; News.

This page describes the API functions provided by the FFI library in detail. It's recommended to read through the introduction and the FFI tutorial first. Glossary. cdecl — An abstract C type declaration (a Lua string).; ctype — A C type object. This is a special kind of cdata returned by ffi.typeof().It serves as a cdata constructor when called. cdata — A C data object Lua uses a constructor expression {} to create an empty table. It is to be known that there is no fixed relationship between a variable that holds reference of table and the table itself.--sample table initialization mytable = {} --simple table value assignment mytable[1]= Lua --removing reference mytable = nil -- lua garbage collection will take care of releasing memory When we have a table. RmlUi Documentation. Edit on GitHub. Lua Manual . The Lua interface to RmlUi has been designed to resemble Javascript as closely as possible. Due the nature of the language, this is more possible in Lua than C++. The functionality of RmlUi is described fully in the C++ Manual; this manual defines the Lua interface to the RmlUi objects described there. Not all aspects of RmlUi are accessible. This request can be associated to key mapping or to events such as `CursorHold` , eg: vim.api.nvim_command [[autocmd CursorHold <buffer> lua vim.lsp.buf.document_highlight()]] vim.api.nvim_command [[autocmd CursorHoldI <buffer> lua vim.lsp.buf.document_highlight()]] vim.api.nvim_command [[autocmd CursorMoved <buffer> lua vim.lsp.buf.clear_references()]] document_symbol() * vim.lsp.buf.document.

Step 3: Add Lua code; Step 4: Run the sequence; Example 1: Send Slack chat messages. It is possible for FarmBot to send outbound HTTP requests using Lua scripting. This feature can be used to create third-party integrations with proprietary software products that offer webhook integrations, such as Slack Among the components of Lua for Windows you get the Installer Lua Interpreter, Quick Lua Tour Sample, Examples directory, Lua Reference Manual, over 40 libraries with documentation, LuaC ( the Lua. nginx documentation Introduction. Installing nginx; Building nginx from Sources; Beginner's Guide; Admin's Guide; Controlling nginx; Connection processing methods; Setting up hashes; A debugging log; Logging to syslog; Configuration file measurement units; Command-line parameters; nginx for Windows; How nginx processes a request; Server name This document is for a development version of Ceph. Report a Documentation Bug . Lua Scripting ¶ New in version Pacific. Contents. Lua Scripting. Script Management via CLI. Package Management via CLI. Context Free Functions. Debug Log. Request Fields. Request Functions. Operations Log. Lua Code Samples. This feature allows users to upload Lua scripts to different context in the radosgw. The.

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Docs » Splash Lua API Overview; Edit on GitHub ; Splash Lua API Overview¶ Splash provides a lot of methods, functions and properties; all of them are documented in Splash Scripts Reference, Available Lua Libraries, Element Object, Request Object, Response Object and Working with Binary Data. Here is a short description of the most used ones: Script as an HTTP API endpoint¶ Each Splash Lua. Docs · Source · Tests: Creates lua-based message boxes that has rounded corner and used for notices, adaptable to multiple wikis and styles. Design Check. Docs · Source · Tests: Performs some checks on parameters. Utility Csv. Docs · Source · Tests: Retrieves CSV data from a page and generates an HTML table. Utility Codedoc. Docs · Source · Tests: Automatic module documentation. Lua code can be embedded into an RML document with the <script> tag. Similarly to Javascript, the script can be included from a separate file with the src attribute, or otherwise declared inline as loose content within the <script> tag. Any code embedded in this manner will be compiled with the document and will be available to inline event handlers in the RML. For example, the following. Lua binding / integration - documentation. 2 Hi, I'm fascinated about Lua, after I had some time to learn a bit of Lua, on a longer travel by train yesterday (also inspired by this question and the code provided by @helloworld). The language is pretty simple but powerful and apparently (sometimes) faster than other scripting languages (I use Perl a lot). Now my question: Is there a detailed. Documentation. The latest version of this document is hosted on Read The Docs. It is also available as a PDF. Once you are happy that the module is installed and operational you can have a look at the rest of the xlsxwriter documentation. Tutorial 1: Create a simple XLSX file is a good place to start

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Docs » 16. Lua support » 16.1. Lua usage in Suricata; Edit on GitHub; 16.1. Lua usage in Suricata ¶ Lua scripting can be used in two components of Suricata. The first is in output and the second one in rules in the detection engine. Both features are using a list of functions to access to data extracted by Suricata. You can get the list of functions in the Lua functions page. 16.1.1. Lua. Lua documentation. Information and images on this site are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia License unless stated otherwise. Comments to: Gammon Software suppor Compatibility with Lua 5.3¶ Ravi should be able to run all Lua 5.3 programs in interpreted mode, but following should be noted: Ravi supports optional typing and enhanced types such as arrays (see the documentation). Programs using these features cannot be run by standard Lua. However all types in Ravi can be passed to Lua functions.

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