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Sleep as Android Unlock Wecker mit Schlafzyklen Urbandroid (Petr Nálevka) Messen Sie den Schlafdurchlauf, stehen Sie frisch in der idealen Schlafphase au Die kostenlose Android App Sleep as Android verhilft Ihnen zu einem gesunden und erholsamen Schlaf. Sleep as Android - Android App Sleep as Android misst Ihre Bewegungen im Schlaf und errechnet..

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Make sure no system restrictions are applied to Sleep as Android, or any companion app for a tracking with wearable: Check our guide here. If the guide won't help, send us your log using Left ☰ menu → Report a bug. Permalink. Why is there a red bar / section / block in my sleep graph? The red block indicates that something went wrong with tracking at that time and the device stopped. Entsperren Sie die Sleep as Android Vollversion - den Wecker mit Schlafzyklusmessung. Installieren Sie die Vollversion und geniessen Sie einen erfreulichen Morgen - jeden Tag. Intelligenter.. Thank you for helping us make Sleep as Android better! 46. Sleep as Android Q&A. General questions and feedback about the app. No bug reports, no feature requests. 220. Feature requests. Add new feature requests for Sleep as Android in this category. You can also vote on feature requests here. 1831 . Bug reports. The best way to get support is to tap on menu > report a bug in Sleep as Android. Sleep as Android ist eine App, die das Schlafverhalten der Benutzer überwacht und analysiert Well, Sleep as Android has been there for a while, and it's probably the best app to track your sleep cycles. The good thing is that Sleep as Android comes with support for Android Wear, Pebble, and Galaxy Gear Devices. It also got the ability to integrate with other fitness apps like Google Fit and Samsung Health

Die Wecker App Sleep as Android verspricht hier Abhilfe. Durch eine intelligente Weckfunktion stellt Sleep as Android fest, wie tief euer Schlaf ist und weckt euch zu einem günstigen Zeitpunkt,.. Sleep as Android: Budzik śledzący cykle snu. Inteligentny budzik śledzący cykle snu, który delikatnie budzi cię w najlepszym momencie, by rozpocząć miły poranek. - delikatne odgłosy natury w budziku (np. ptaki, morze, burza) I więcej funkcji czekających, byś je odkrył! Więcej informacji,Szybki start,Dokumentacja Sleep as Android ist ebenfalls eine Tracking-App, die den Schlafzyklus misst. Ihr Funktionsumfang ist wesentlich größer als der von Sleep Better, was sie jedoch auch etwas unübersichtlicher macht Die App Sleep as Android zeichnet verschiedene Parameter des Schlafverhaltens auf, analysiert diese und gibt Tipps, wie Schlafdefizite verringert werden können. Dokumentatio Installeren. Slimme wekker met slaapcyclus analyse. Wekt u vriendelijk op een optimaal moment voor prettige ochtenden. Functionaliteiten: - Slaapcyclus analyse met slim wekken (2 weken gratis uitproberen) - Historie van slaapcyclus grafieken. - Slaaptekort, diepe slaap en snurk statistieken. - Pebble SmartWatch slaap analyse ondersteuning

Sleep as Android ist ebenfalls sehr umfangreich und unterstützt dich vom Einschlafen bis zum Aufwachen. Abends kannst du dir Schlaflieder vorspielen lassen. Nachts analysiert die App deinen Schlaf per Ultraschall, unterstützt aber auch bestimmte Wearables, zum Beispiel von Pebble, Wear OS oder Galaxy Gear For instance, Sleep as Android eats a lot of battery juice. Before using the sleep tracking my Galaxy watch used to last 2-3 days on a full charge, however, with Sleep as Android the battery last a day at best. Also, sometimes, the smart alarm is isn't that accurate. For instance, today, I woke up 30 mins before the smart alarm was scheduled and Sleep as Android wasn't able to identify. Sleep as Android ist eine Schlaf-App, die eure Schlafphasen analysiert und auswertet. Sie verspricht einen einfachen Start in den Tag, indem sie euch nicht in Tiefschlafphasen weckt Sleep as Android - YouTube. Sleep as Android. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device

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Da ich keine Schlafaufzeichnung brauche (und die von SHealth augenscheinlich eh besser ist) aber jedoch Snooze UND Captcha Funktion, war Sleep as Android trotzdem immer meine erste Wahl. Nun habe ich meine erste Nacht MIT Schlafaufzeichnung über Sleep as hinter mir. Ich wurde geweckt, aber der Akkuverbrauch ist ja abartig hoch Sleep as Android will never start sleep tracking without you pressing the Start sleep tracking button with the moon icon. After fall asleep This is the most advanced automatic option where all the sophistication goes in. It uses input from your phone's activity recognition engine and uses your common sleep habits for different days of week to find the sleep times for you. Bedtime This is a. Mit Sleep as Android können Sie Ihren Schlaf messen und sich per intelligentem Wecker sanft in der idealen Schlafphase wecken lassen.Die Android-App ist für 14 Tage kostenlos testbar, danach. Sleep as Android's built-in music store also has a lot of classical music for you to choose from. Music helps you fall asleep. If you find it difficult to sleep, listen to the melodious music taken from nature such as the sound of the wind, the sound of waves, the birds singing to relax and relax your mind, thereby helping you to fall asleep sleep quickly. Smart alarm. Besides intelligently. You must have Sleep As Android installed. Main features: - Tracking of movement using watch, so no longer phone in bed! - Alarm on watch Quick instructions how to use: - Install Sleep As Android from play store - Install Gear Add-on from play store. - Enable smart watch tracking in Settings→Sleep tracking→Use smartwatch

Sleep as Android - Diese clevere Wecker, Das verfolgt die Spuren der Phasen Ihrer Schlaf und dann Aufrufe, Wenn Sie leicht und gut gelaunt zu den Klängen der Natur aufwachen können.. Funktionen: Schlaf-Grafiken-Geschichte, Schlaf-Defizit-Statistik, die Möglichkeit, mit deinen Freunden teilen (Facebook, E-Mail) Sleep as Android is an alarm clock application that goes above and beyond regular mobile phone alarm clocks. To start with, it comes with a function for a gradual wake-up that increases the volume progressively to wake you up more gently; but it includes way more than just that Sleep as Android can either works as a standalone sleep tracking or integrate with wearables such as Fitbit, Mi band, Amazefit and off course Galaxy watch and Galaxy fit. But you need to configure them once. To enable sensor tracking integration, go to Sleep as Android - Settings - Wearables - Galaxy Gear/ Galaxy Watch Entsperren Sie die Sleep as Android Vollversion - den Wecker mit Schlafzyklusmessung. Installieren Sie die Vollversion und geniessen Sie einen erfreulichen Morgen - jeden Tag. Intelligenter Wecker mit Messung Ihrer Schlafzyklen. Erwachen Sie zur optimalen Zeit für einen angenehmen Morgen. Funktionen Alternative products to Sleep as Android20 alternative and related products to Sleep as Android. Sleep as Android. Smart alarm clock with sleep cycle tracking. Smart alarm clock with sleep cycle tracking. Wakes you gently in optimal moment for pleasant mornings. Android. Health and Fitness. Productivity + 1. get it. Play Store. Free . Stripe Payments. Promoted. A fully integrated suite of.

Sleep As Android (Image credit: Urbandroid) Sleep As Android is another excellent sleep cycle tracker and alarm that uses your phone's on-board sensors to track your sleep and help you wake up at. Diskutiere Sleep as Android -wohin mit dem Handy? im Sonstige Apps & Widgets im Bereich Android Apps und Spiele I have been using the sleep mask for about a week now. It is comfortable to wear all night. I love the programs, it really works for helping me get to sleep. I'm glad I bought them and installed sleep as Android and mind droid. 7 out of 7 people found this review useful

Sleep as Android. 1,247 likes · 1 talking about this. Sleep as Android is an Android alarm clock with integrated sleep cycle tracker for waking you up.. If you have an iPhone or a compatible Android phone, we think SleepScore (iOS, Android) will do the best job of helping you improve your sleep. It allows you to set sleep goals and gives actionable.. 睡眠追踪闹铃,在轻睡眠期间将您唤醒,确保您有一个开心愉快的早晨。假如熬夜的你或者时间被打乱得需要调整睡眠质量,这款随时跟踪你的睡眠应用最适合不过了 Sleep as Android measures your sleep with a method known as actigraphy, a non-invasive approach to monitoring rest and activity cycles. Actigraphy requires an actigraph unit, or actimetry sensor, to measure movement. Health professionals have used this technology since the early 1990s to diagnose sleep disorders

Getting started 1. Sleep as Android - the full arsenal This part of the guide is not yet complete, we are working on it - bear with us... 2. Sleep as Android as a supercharged alarm clock Please return in a little while - we are working on the guides right... 3. Sleep as Android - alarm clock onl They include Runkeeper, MyFitnessPal, Lifesum, Sleep as Android, and several types of fitness trackers. It even works with Android Wear. It's one of the better sleep trackers. Especially if you use.. 10 Best Sleep Tracker Apps for Android 2021 Alarm Clock Xtreme. Alarm Clock Xtreme is an alarm clock app but it also comes with the sleep tracking feature. In the... Do I Snore or Grind. Well, Snoring is one of the major issues these days and many people don't take it seriously. Many... Google Fit..

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Sleep as Android Unlock Sleep cycle smart alarm. Urbandroid (Petr Nálevka) 93. $9.99. 1,000,000+ SayIt Text, articles or books to speech. Urbandroid (Petr Nálevka) 88. Free. 100,000+ hueManicPhilips HUE /IKEA Tradfri dynamic scenes. Urbandroid (Petr Nálevka) 86. Free. 100,000+ Digital Detox Focus and fight phone addiction . Urbandroid (Petr Nálevka) 93. Free. 100,000. Mit einer Punktzahl von 4,3 von 5 macht sich Sleep as Android auf den Weg auf die Plattform von Google. Urbandroid Team ist hier eine sehr gute Anwendung für Android Terminals

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Herunterladen Sleep as Android Sleep cycle smart alarm. Android IOS Windows Phone und PC. Schneller Download, viren- und malwarefrei und 100% verfügbar Sleep as Android is an all in one, immensely popular sleep app that offers an abundance of amazing features. These include sleep cycle tracking and smart wakeup. Sleep tracking is exactly what it sounds, while smart wakeup is a smart alarm clock that helps you wake up peacefully in an optimal environment. It is regarded as one of the best sleep tracking apps for Android, as the smart wake up. android.os.SystemClock.sleep(checkEvery) which has the advantage of not requiring a wrapping try catch. Share. Improve this answer. Follow edited Jan 6 '18 at 19:37. nkr. 2,937 7 7 gold badges 27 27 silver badges 37 37 bronze badges. answered Jan 6 '18 at 19:26. aaaa aaaa. 41 1 1 bronze badge. Add a comment | 1. I know this is an old thread, but in the Android documentation I found a.

How did you set Sleep as Android up to look for sleep all day? I have a head injury and am struggling to follow/figure out doing this with Sleep As Android (it looks like it has the capability??) I tried running it with a Miband 4 2-3 years back (I forget how I set it up) and it Did allow to follow during the day, but I got a TON of false positives. It looks like they have made quite a few. FitnessSyncer: Sleep as Android integration with FitnessSyncer FAQ What kinds of data can I read or publish to Sleep as Android? You can read the following data types from Sleep as Android: Sleep; How do I get started with Sleep as Android and FitnessSyncer? The easiest way to get started is to follow our Getting Started Guide which will walk you through how to get started to exchange data. Sleep as Android یک برنامه کاربردی و پرطرفدار در زمینه سبک زندگی است که توسط استودیو Urbandroid برای سیستم عامل اندروید به صورت رایگان منتشر شده است. این برنامه یک ساعت هشدار هوشمند با قابلیت مدیریت و پیگیری چرخه خواب شماست که به. Sleep as Android Sleep as Android v20201217 Mod apk for Android. Smart alarm clock with sleep cycle tracking. Wakes you gently in optimal moment for pleasant mornings. Sleep as Android Features: - Sleep cycle tracking with smart wake up uses your phone's or wearable sensors (2 weeks trial) - Optional Pebble, Android Wear or Galaxy Gear smart watch tracking - Google Fit, S Health. Sleep as Android. an alarm clock and sleep cycle tracker, wakes you gently in optimal moment for pleasant mornings

Sleep as Android. Datenverwaltung, Tagebuch, Health Cloud. Einsatzzweck: Dokumentation. Anwendung bei Schlafstörungen Für wen Patienten Registrierung Nicht notwendig Sprachen Deutsch, Englisch, Türkisch, Chinesisch, Russisch, Tschechisch . Kosten Kostenpflichtig, freie Demoversion Beschreibung des Angebots durch den Anbieter. Intelligenter Wecker mit Messung Ihrer Schlafzyklen. Funktionen. Die Sleep as Android App läuft mit einer 14-tägige Testversion und kostet nach Ablauf 3,99€. Im Play Store gibt es allerdings eine große Auswahl an Schlafmessungs-Apps, die kostenlos sind und ebenfalls mit Android Wear 2.0 funktionieren. Beispielsweise Sleep Better with Runtastic oder Sleepbot

Sleep as Android is a tool used for sleeping published by Urbandroid (Petr Nalevka) for their android users. This application is designed for those who does not get enough sleep at night and needs to manage their sleep quality and helps in improving health and lifestyle by improving the sleep patterns Re: Sleep as Android Autor: ibsi 23.08.17 - 10:24 MiBand2 + Sleep as Android ;) Funktioniert seit ein paar Wochen auch zusammen und liefert nun noch bessere Date

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  1. Google spendiert Android eine weitere Schnittstelle, die diesmal etwas mit Tracking zu tun hat. Es gibt eine neue Sleep API, um Android-Geräte für das Tracking unseres Schlafs einzusetzen
  2. Sleep as Android is by far my most used health tracking app and has made the biggest impact on improving my health. If Fitbit cared about attracting users they'd make it less painful for people who know what they want to find a solution in their product or at least make it easy to build it yourself. I currently use IFTTT and Tasker concurrently to achieve my desired set up, but even doing that.
  3. Sleep as Android. 1,248 likes. Sleep as Android is an Android alarm clock with integrated sleep cycle tracker for waking you up gently in your light..
  4. In 2010 with the arrival of first Android smartphones we started our mission. Utilizing this new kind of technology and its sensors to the limit. Inventing new applications to ease and enhance everyday urban life. This is Urbandroid! Since then we brought over 20 different products to the market and gained millions of satisfied users. We are always on hunt for new ideas. Stay tuned
  5. Sleep as Android Mi Band. sethor 4. eingestellt am 26. Jan 2021. Habe das Mi band mit Mi tools an Sleep as Android angebunden, aber ich finde das intelligentes Aufwachen nicht, also dass man in einer Leichtschlafphase geweckt wird. Vllt kann mir jemand helfen? Share Tweet Teilen Teile per WhatsApp Teile per Messenger Zusätzliche Info. Fragen & Gesuche Alle anzeigen Show less. Diskussionen 4.
  6. Neue Generation der Schlaftechnologie. Schalfen Sie besser wie nie früher! Neue Schlaftechnologie mit leichter Schlafmaske, schnellem Einschlafen, sanftem Aufwachen, klarem Träumen und Anti-Schnarchen - Funktionen. Benutzbar auch als eine Mindmachine, alles einfach durch Ihr Handy
  7. The application Sleep as Android uses these features of the human body and makes your awakening easy and enjoyable. The principle of the application's operation is based on the fact that during the fast sleep phase a person moves. Using an accelerometer, your smartphone can tell the program in which sleep phase you are in, which is necessary for the application to work. To do this, you need.

Die kostenlose intelligente Wecker-App Sleep as Android sorgt für ein sanftes Wecken des Anwenders. Bislang wurde die App zwischen fünf und zehn Millionen mal heruntergeladen. Der Wecker verfügt über eine Schlafzyklusmessung mit intelligenter Weckfunktion. Die Schlafzyklusmessung kann zwei Wochen lang im Rahmen einer Testversion getestet werden. Geboten werden sanfte Naturwecktöne. ただ、Sleep as Android「スリープアズアンドロイド」の目覚まし機能は、眠りの浅い時にアラームを鳴らすことができます。. そのため、設定を5時35分にしていたとしても5時くらいなど早めにアラームが鳴る時もあります。. 例えば、浅い眠りをしている15分前に鳴らすといった設定もできます。. 次に↑、Best of noises(ベストいびき)は、昨晩のもっとも煩かったり、気に.

For Android users, Sleep Cycle is the best bet, and while helpful, it does not provide the depth of information that SleepScore does. Instead, it only correlates diet and exercise inputs from users with the app's sleep data. Can Apps Detect Sleep Apnea? Some apps such as Snore Control and SnoreLab can tip you off that you may have sleep apnea. They do this by asking you to leave your phone. Sleep as Android. 1,248 likes · 1 talking about this. Sleep as Android is an Android alarm clock with integrated sleep cycle tracker for waking you up gently in your light sleep cycle

Die Sleep-Cycle-Clock (oder auch digitaler Schlafphasenwecker) funktioniert so: Man legt sein Smartphone mit der entsprechenden App (ich benutze Sleep as Android) neben sich aufs Bett. Das. Sleep as Android - Wecker mit Schlafzyklen - Premium. 2,99€ eingestellt am 6. Jan 2020. Dieser Deal ist leider abgelaufen. Hier sind ein paar andere Optionen für Dich: Mehr von Apps. Finde mehr Deals in Apps. Alle Deals anzeigen. Entdecke mehr Deals auf unserer Startseite. Deal-Alarm setzen für Apps. Lege einen Alarm an und werde über ähnliche Deals informiert. Das Angebot endet in zwei. Sleep as Android è un'applicazione sveglia che va molto al di là delle normali sveglie presenti sui telefoni cellulari. Per cominciare, è presente una funzione per un graduale risveglio che aumenta il volume progressivamente in modo da svegliarti più dolcemente (ma c'è molto più)

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ライフログのひとつで、睡眠にフォーカスし睡眠サイクルを解析する目覚ましアプリが「Sleep as Android」だ Sleep as Android Premium é um despertador inteligente que segue as fases do sono, para que o despertar seja fácil e a manhã comece sem estresse. O aplicativo selecionará o tempo ideal para um despertar agradável. Os alarmes habituais tocam no horário especificado e não prestam atenção à delicadeza do sono. No entanto, esse alarme inteligente dará um sinal para acordar no momento. Wenn du ein Rollback von Sleep as Android benötigst, dann lese auf Uptodown den Versionsverlauf der App. Dieser enthält alle Dateiversionen, die zum Herunterladen dieser App auf Uptodown verfügbar sind. Download Rollbacks von Sleep as Android für Android. Jede auf Uptodown verfügbare Version von Sleep as Android ist vollständig virenfrei und kann kostenlos heruntergeladen werden. heise Download Sleep as Android bei heise Download https://www.heise.de/download/feed/product/sleep-as-android-93438 heise Downloa

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Sleep as Android? Does anyone have experience with that app? I've been looking at it and have wondered if that would help lucid dreaming. 17 comments. share. save. hide. report. 94% Upvoted . This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. level 1. 4 years ago. I use and love it. I have it paired with my pebble watch mostly for sleep quality. Track Your Sleeping Habits with Google Fit Step 1: Download Sleep as Android. Before you can get started with tracking your sleeping habits, you'll need to grab... Step 2: Download Google Fit. Now you'll need to install the Google Fit app if you don't already have it. This is... Step 3: Set Up Your.

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I just got my Mi Band 5 yesterday and tested the sleep tracking function for the first time syncing it with the app. What I noticed firsthand is that I got different result on the official Mi Fit app and SleepAsAndroid (Notify for mi band app also gives another results lol). What are your experiences using this setup, any ways to improve even more the tracking quality? Is it probably accurate enough to trust Schlafmaske für die Sleep as Android app. Neue Generation der Schlaftechnologie. Schalfen Sie besser wie nie früher! Neue Schlaftechnologie mit leichter Schlafmaske, schnellem Einschlafen, sanftem Aufwachen, klarem Träumen und Anti-Schnarchen - Funktionen Sleep as Android. 1,246 likes · 1 talking about this. Sleep as Android is an Android alarm clock with integrated sleep cycle tracker for waking you up..

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  1. Sleep as Android is an all in one, immensely popular sleep app that offers an abundance of amazing features. These include sleep cycle tracking and smart wakeup. Sleep tracking is exactly what it sounds, while smart wakeup is a smart alarm clock that helps you wake up peacefully in an optimal environment
  2. Unfortunately for iPhone users, Sleep as Android is only for Android phones. Back to Top. Runtastic Sleep Better. Specifications: Cost: Free, With Some Premium Features; Platform: Apple and Android; Average Rating: 4.1 Stars; Total Ratings: 113,549; Features: Tracks Sleep and Lifestyle Choices, Moon Phases, and More Impacts to Your Sleep
  3. d behind the Tools & Mi Band app, we can announce that Mi Band 3 is fully supported by Sleep as Android. All features are working exactly the same as on Mi Band 2 - you get sleep tracking, heart rate measurement and alarm vibration on your wrist
  4. Sleep as Android Unlock ist eine App für das Android Betriebssystem und kann für 2,39 Euro im Google Play Store heruntergeladen werden. Wenn Sie die App während der Nacht eingeschaltet haben, ermittelt diese aufgrund Ihrer nächtlichen Bewegungsaktivität Ihre Schlafphasen und weckt Sie am morgen zuverlässig zu der von Ihnen eingestellten Zeit, allerdings genau dann, wenn Sie sich in einem.
  5. The Best Healthy Sleep Apps of 2020 Sleep Cycle. Sleep Cycle monitors your sleep patterns and offers detailed statistics and daily sleep graphs so you can... Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep. Six nature-based relaxing tracks on this Android-only app will help you start your... Sleep as Android. This.
  6. Sleep as Android Android Apps - Download mit Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, LG, ZTE, Sony, Motorola, Nokia, Lenovo, Alcatel, Umidigi, BlackBerry, OnePlus, HTC.

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Light-controlled sleep. Fast fall asleep, gentle wake up. Jet lag treatment.. lullaby, lucid dreaming, anti-snoring. Sunrise Alarm. Awake naturally. Comfortable. 3D Eyeshades, Soft cotton. USB Connected. Any OTG Android device . BUY NOW. Sleep Mask Mask for Sleep as Android. Features; Contact; About. Made by Urbandroid and Happy Electronics. Features. Sunrise alarm: from low red to full yellow. Sleep as Android - GO2mobile. Wie wäre es, aufzuwachen und sofort top fit zu sein? Wie wäre es nie wieder unausgeschlafen zur Arbeit zu gehen? Der Beitrag [Test] Sleep as Android - Video App Vorstellung erschien zuerst auf GO2mobile. [Test] Sleep as Android - Video App Vorstellung. On the other Sleep as Android too shows fragmented cycles but those are much longer in comparison. I'm not a sleep expert of any sort but I'm pretty sure I don't have 30 minutes of deep sleep in 8 hours of sleep.. 2. Share. Report Save. level 2. 3 years ago. I once read that the amount of deep sleep is indeed very low. But that doesn´t mean that the MiBand shows accurate sleep cycles ;) 2. Sleep Unlock 20160509 Sleep as Android (Пост darkpsytrancer #49590538) SleepCloud Backup Add-on v6.5: Sleep as Android (Пост Alex0047 #54784002) Версия: 20161130 build 1432 Full Sleep as Android (Пост Alex0047 #55634851 Die App Sleep as Android könnt ihr 14 Tage lang kostenlos testen. Mit dieser seht ihr eure Schlafzyklen und könnt auch das Schlafdezfizit anzeigen. Auch beim Wecker hat man sich etwas tolles einfallen lassen. Statt einfach nur einen Button zu drücken oder etwas zu verschieben, muss man hier richtige Aufgaben lösen. Dies kann eine Mathe Aufgabe sein oder man muss ein waches Schaf.

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Note: These sleep tracking apps aren't in order of preference. You're advised to choose any app the suit your needs. 8 Best Android Sleep Tracker App List For 2018 1. Sleep As Android Sleep as Android is the best sleep tracker app I've ever used. Pros: Accurate. Helps understand sleep patterns. Cons: Chart interface is a bit buggy. Upvote. Share 3y. Website. sleep.urbandroid.org. Google Play. Android. Related Products. Haven Simple. Promoted. Haven Simple is life insurance that is 100% no exam. Pulse Fall asleep in 60 seconds with this innovative breathing app. Dreem A. Sleep as Android - Captcha support Introduction. This open-source library contains classes that are useful for developing additional captcha into Sleep as Android application. Usage. When you use Gradle add the following maven repository and dependency with the latest version to your build.gradle file to use the library: repositories { jcenter() } dependencies { compile ' com.urbandroid.sleep.

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Der von Ihnen gesuchte Beitrag ist nicht mehr aktuell und wurde ins Archiv verschoben. Hier geht es zu unseren Themen von A bis Z. Testergebnisse zu vielen Tausend Android-Apps finden Sie in unserer App-Checker-Datenbank

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